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Specialized in Catering Ice Cream Products for Special Events. 647-894-2556

We have in our ice cream trucks popular flavours of ice cream include chocolate, vanilla, coffee, strawberry, butterscotch and more.

Ice Cream Truck
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  • Fondant Xtreme Fudge
  • ROBO Popsicle
  • Cry Baby Extra Sour Cherry
  • Snow Cone Tropical Cooler
  • DORA the Explorer
  • and many more...

Soft Ice Cream

  • Vanilla, Chocolate, Twist
  • Ice Cream Cones
  • Sundaes Chocolate
  • Pineapple, Strawberry
  • Cherry, Butterscotch
  • and many more...

Cold Drinks

  • Milkshakes Chocolate
  • Coke, Pepsi, Ginger Ale
  • Slush Grape, Orange, Lime
  • Pineapple, Strawberry
  • Smoothies Strawberry etc.
  • and many more...


  • Toppings Sprinkles
  • Peanuts, Oreo Cookies
  • Strawberry, Blue Raspberry
  • Banana Splits
  • Peanut Buster
  • and many more...

Ice Cream Services

We offer affordably elegant corporate & event catering ice cream truck services throughout greater Toronto area and surroundings. Our ice cream truck is immaculate and our ice cream products are always fresh.


We have focused on providing great products and services in Greater Toronto Area and surroundings to every conceivable event from birthdays and special parties to carnivals, concerts and corporate events.

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